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Best current places to sell gear / old inventory?

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Nick B:

--- Quote from: hometheaterdoc on November 16, 2020, 09:02:10 PM ---Hey all!

Incredibly looooong time no talk. 

Way too much real life, medical issues, etc. that have kept me away from the hobby and even my audio business.

Iíll spare yíall the truly mind boggling crazy story of the last few years as no one would believe the craziness we have had to live through.

I now have a basement floor covered with boxes of audio gear from the storage that I havenít seen in a while.  When Iím physically able, Iím verrrry slowly going through it all and taking some new pictures, documenting all that is still here, what has to be sold, etc.  i need to clear this stuff out of here finally. 

Since I have been away for so long, Iím curious what has changed in the industry, where the current best places are to advertise and sell this gear?  is audiogon still the best spot / de facto standard?   Is stuff more frequently sold on eBay?  Are there any new, good popular sites that people are using?

Curious to hear thoughts from everyone.  Thanks in advance.

--- End quote ---

It is good to hear from you. I primarily use US Audio Mart and sometimes AC. Audiogon does get more views, but I donít care for their fee structure.

Even though technically this is leftover inventory from the audio business, because of all my surgical procedures and stuff, I havenít actually run the business for a few years now.  This is leftover assets and I guess technically would be a personal sale at this point. 

Website has essentially been turned off even though I kept the URLs and maintained my credit card service and some web hosting.  Probably should have let that all go as it was wasted money each month for min fees.  In my drugged up addled brain, I guess needed something to keep up the pipe dream Iíd be able to go back to everything as if nothing changed, etc.  But given how limited I am each day now, any chance of that happening is essentially impossible...  but I do miss just having a nice room and setup or two and being able to hang with all my old audio buddies...  so do want to get back to just being an audiophile if not selling anything...

Long way of saying, if this is from a former business, can I use audio circle?  I thought they were anti business over there unless you had a circle or advertised with them or something?  Or am I misremembering that?

Thanks for all the replies.  Iíll try to get a list up here as well...

I was beginning to wonder why we hadnít, heard from you in such a while. Sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time.

As for AC perhaps it might be a good idea for you to just sign up with a new user name that  so that the account has no history of being associated  with a business. You can certainly explain who you are and that these are now personal sales, but at least the post wouldnít be automatically tagged as a business transaction.

Just a thought.

And of course you always post things here.  :thumb:


Apparently John R. has loosened the rules lately on Industry Participant sales.  In fact just today Fred (gopher) from Lampizator sold a preamp on the site with nothing said. 

I've been lurking in the corner.....what have you got for sale?


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