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Whoooaaa whoooaaa.....

Let's talk about sonic goals before we start suggesting everything under the sun. You've got a very nice pair of speakers, and you're focused on a change.

What is missing from your audio experience? Are you not listening enough?

The speakers you linked to looked sorta interesting but honestly there's no way they can equal the dynamics of the Spatials. I'd be very hesitant to go from something I could play classical on for a thrill to something that does a mediocre job.

I believe with a little more information there may be paths for you that you haven't really explored that may be unlike what you're thinking now. In fact I think your speakers an amp are probably the best parts of what you got going on. I think your speaker wire is a good choice too. I can pretty much promise the weakest link you have is the turntable setup. So if this isn't just about a size/space thing, well, let's talk. And if the goal is less room intrusion then I think the goal should be a change in speaker placement, not size specifically. There are many speakers that can be parked against a wall and sound amazing.

  Ones room determines what speaker. Speaker placement is crucial to good sound. If using an "L" shaped or space where there is no corresponding wall issues arise. The JBL A190 helps with that. Check them out. Not a dealer of JBL.


James, As stated, glad you reinforced your decision on the Spatials considering their value to you and what you would get in selling. Its bittersweet since I'm a strong proponent of the Fritz BE's -- still amaze me and folks who listen look around for a sub - nowhere to be found!. Last detail is 2 panels from Audimute received yesterday to stop some reflections and I'm all set for some critical listening.


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