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James Edward:
For no other reason than I’d like a change, I’m thinking of changing out my Spatial Audio M3 Turbo S speakers for either a stand mount monitor or a small floorstander.
I’m thinking out loud here- I was full on (in my mind) for a stand mount monitor, until I realized that my speaker cables are not long enough to go upward another two feet or so. My situation necessitates long cables, so another set is out. Then of course there is the issue of purchasing stands. Dollar signs all around.
So I think a small floor standing monitor might be in my future. I REALLY liked the QLN Prestige Three- at the NYC Audio Show- coincidentally in the Triode Wire Labs room.
However, at $9500.00, they are WAY out of my price range.
I also still value the ability of a speaker to play fairly loudly. To further complicate matters, my amp will output 30wpc in class A, and go to about 90wpc a/b.
As I said, I’m thinking out loud here, so any thoughts are appreciated. I’m looking to keep ‘my new speakers’ close to what I believe I can sell the Spatials for- around $2500 give or take...
Thanks for any thoughts.

Nick B:

Two stand mount speakers come to mind: the Fritz 7 BE (that I have) and the Tekton Impact Monitor (that I nearly bought). I like stand mount speakers, because at my age, I’m able to easily still move them around. The Fritzes weigh about 30 pounds each and the Tekton Impact Monitor is 43 pounds. I had heard very good things about both brands and Charles recommended the Fritzes. I communicated with tekton a couple of times, but was never able to speak with Eric Alexander directly. His secretary relayed his answers to my questions and that influenced my decision a little bit. The Tektons are more efficient at I believe 94dB and the Fritz are 87dB. But according to Fritz, they are pretty easy to drive because of his crossover design. I believe he told me he’s used as little as an 8 watt amp.

Retail on the Fritz is $3,500, but Fritz has been known to offer discounts and Charles is a dealer as well. The Impact Monitor goes for about $2,000. My little Fritzes can play quite loud and the bass response is more than enough for me. It’s a great two way 😀

Good luck!

PS forgot to mention I use 24” B & W stands (forgot what model) and the  24” Pangeas are $200

My God, there are so many choices and so many opinions on what good sound is. You really have to just find a way to try out a few and make a decision on what works in your room with your type of music. I would suggest going used, that way if it doesn't work out you could likely sell it for what you paid.

  Hey Nick thanks for sharing. If cannot swing the QLN Fritz is a killer over achiever. Did you them when I demoed them at Andy's. Very well liked.


Some really nice suggestions above James.

If you don't mind a great sounding pair of used, I have a pair of Danish System Audio 1270s. They are only 6" wide. They feature dual 5" drivers with a cone mass of only 1 gram each (excluding VC). Here are their specs.

Belastbarhed: 170 Watt •
Impedans: 4 Ohm •
Frekvensgang (+/- 1.5 dB): 40-22.000 Hz
•Følsomhed (1W, 1m): 89 dB
•Delefrekvens: 3500 Hz (24 dB/okt. Linkwitz/Riley) •
Dimensioner (BxHxD) cm: 15x104x26.6
New Price: $2500.00
Used Price: Negotiate
I will not ship, but will meet half way up to 100 miles or so.

Do you live anywhere close to Peoria Illinois, to audition them?
First photo is SA, the rest are mine.




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