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Bob McNeice - 2020 Suite released October 1st

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Hello everyone,

Iím happy to announce the release of my first album ď2020 SuiteĒ. As you can tell by the name it is a compilation of songs written about the events of this past year. I know, I know, the year isnít over yet, but I anticipate there will be a plethora of albums with a similar theme so Iím getting a jump on them.

The album is available for streaming or digital download on Bandcamp. It is available in both 16 bit and 24 bit HD audio quality.

Bandcamp is the number one place where independent musicians can share their music without a record company. Creating a "fan" account there costs nothing and you will have access to oodles of great music, most free to stream and listen and purchase what you like with the proceeds going directly to the artist. .

About the album itself: it is an instrumental work that spans several genreís from rock, to ambient electronic, to mellow rock to classical and several things in between, so if you listen to one track and donít care for it just play the next one and you will hear something in a different vein.

The track listing is below and the style of each track is in parenthesis.

1.  January - A New Year                             (rock)
2.  February - Lockdown Part 1                    (ambient progressive)
3.  March - Corona                                (electronic)
4.  April - A Pensive Mood                             (mellow piano)
5.  May - Protests & The March                    (rock)
6.  Orbis Terrarum et Exclamavit (and the world cried)   (classical orchestral)
7.  June - Lockdown Part 2                           (electronic rock)
8.  The World Is Broken                      (rock)
9.  Summer Interlude                             (mellow piano)
10. July - Melancholy                            (orchestral)
11. Staycation                               (soft rock)
12. August - Resignation                        (mellow piano)
13. September - Dancing 'Round The House         (pop rock)
14. October - A Strange Halloween            (mellow rock)
15. November - The Political Circus            (progressive rock)
16. December - Lockdown Part 3                    (electronic rock)
17. Submerged (Bonus Track)               (ambient electronic)

Thanks for listening and if you enjoy it please leave comments on Bandcamp.

Bob McNeice

Got it!

Thanks, Bob.


Thank you for your support

Nick B:
Hi Bob,
Thanks for posting. Iíve only listened to track 4....picked it at random...and it was beautifully done. I am curious as to what instruments you played.

I am a keyboard player so everything here was done on keyboards. If you look at my bio on the site I list what I played and what software I used. Basically I bought an Arturia keylab 88 mkII before Christmas. I haven't played in about 25 years but playing music was a big part of my life before kids. So it's nice to come back to it. The software and ability to do everything in a computer these days makes it so much easier than before, but it still takes compositional skills and an ear to make it sound right.

Glad you enjoyed it. Keep listening and let me know which tracks are your favorite.


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