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Every power cord in my system is from TWL. I have heard them outperform other cables selling at multiple of their price.

His usb cable is great and I tried his speaker cables and they were every bit as good as the ones I own that I bought in 1988 and paid back then 3 time what Pete gets for his right now!

Great performance at reasonable prices.... it doesn't get any better than that.

And on top of all that, Pete's a great guy to.

Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Hey tmazz. The Triode Wire Labs is one of the first high-end USB cables I looked at. I almost bought an XLO USB cable that's 70% off, the other day. I sent my friend Ken the link. He replied with, "I make a USB cable that has beat ones costing thousands including Kimber and an expensive Cardas. It's $80." It's used in the installation at the link below. Jon says it's beat everything he's tried it against.

Hey Jason. I wish I could pick your brain about mixing and mastering.

I bought an Arturia Keylab 88 keyboard this past Christmas and I've been getting my playing chops back after almost 20 years of not toughing a piano. It came with a bunch of synth software and Ableton Live DAW. I've been composing and recording all sorts of stuff and having a blast finding sounds and learning all the software. I've also watched a few tutorials about mixing, EQ, compressors, delay, etc and recently have been looking into mastering, but I hate to admit that I've found it far easier to master using a free on-line app called Bandlab.

The best advice I found was to listen to my stuff on a bunch of platforms, headphones, desktop, car, main system, etc. I've made a ton of changes in the way I mix and what effects I use by doing this. It can be grueling but I'm learning so much and having fun doing so.

Do you have any videos that you think I should absolutely watch to gain some more knowledge? Or any tips and tricks of the trade you're willing to share?


Hey Bob. That's very cool. I'm been meaning to try and get my keyboard chops back too. Ableton Live is a clip-based DAW that is most commonly used for EDM and other electronic music. Bitwig is sort of an offshoot of Ableton.

Are you using Cakewalk by Bandlab? It's actually a great program that was called Sonar for years, then Bandlab acquired it from Gibson and returned it to the original name. It's one of the few DAWs that supports 384kHz sample rate, and it's free now. It also has a great sounding audio engine. I plan to use Cakewalk for Hi Res recording and editing until I can afford Pyramix Native Pro.

As for instructional videos, there's a ton of stuff on YouTube. Dave Pensado is a good one, I forget what his show is called. I learned a lot when I was younger by reading Mix, Electronic Musician, Audio Media, Sound On Sound, and a bunch of other magazines, every month. The one you should check out nowadays is Tape Op, it's excellent.

I know a few people who own pro studios in LA, and I have worked some engineering sessions in them.. What tips and tricks do you want to know about?

I was simply mixing and releasing songs, but I've now found that an overall mastering process does indeed make things sound better. My mixes, even though I had the main channel compressed, just didn't sound as loud as commercial recordings. I now mix down about 6db and then the mastering brings it up and it does indeed sound better and louder.But when I hear in a professional master that doesn't seem to come through in the algorithm based on-line mastering is the depth of the soundstage.

How do you get depth in a mix? Is it a matter of reverb or proper EQ or something like that?


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