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need help for a friend

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Nick B:
A friend of mine moved last year and some of her audio equipment didnít survive. It was pretty ancient anyway. Sheís decided she wants an entirely new system consisting of two small speakers, CD, cassette tape and record playing capability and an am/fm radio. Her budget is a maximum of $1000.

Many months ago I took her to a couple of big box stores and there was virtually nothing to choose from. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks, Nick

Hi Nick,

Take a look at this:

Marantz CD/receiver/streamer:

43% off at $399 - not sure about phono.

For speakers, maybe the Elacs? Don't know about a cassette deck, though.

Lots of Canton and other brands here:


Nick B:
Thanks, Paul! Thatís a nice receiver and so are the speakers. The receiver pic makes it look heavy. Itís only 7 lbs. Thatís a nice benefit for my lady friend. As to the phono aspect, will figure something out. She definitely wants to play her albums.

This idea comes from a TT idiot, so take it with a grain of salt.....Fluance sells turntables beginning at $199.

Amp idea (someone on AC posted about this, but forgot who it was) SMSL AD18 $144.99!

  Parts Connection Audiolab CDP. Excellent for the money. Speakers JBL A109.



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