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My Turntable Makes A ‘Grinding’ Sound Upon Spin Up To Speed

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James Edward:

I used the word grinding, which connotes a metallic sound, though this sounds more of a plastic sort. But I can’t be sure. It goes away after several seconds and the speed light comes on to indicate it is steady. I removed the belt and platter to see if I could see anything amiss. I saw nothing. The spindle appears to have a light film of oil. I don’t know if that is the source of the sound; should it have more? No idea...
When I replaced the platter, started the table, there was no noise. Next start the noise was back. Again, this lasts 3 seconds, then all is quiet.
Mountain out of a molehill? I can accept that. Do tell...

Nick B:
Shouldn’t be making that noise. Wonder if that is a part that briefly engages on startup and then maybe doesn’t retract properly for a few seconds. If you bought it at crutchfield, maybe give them a call. I did a couple of Google searches and couldn’t find anything that related. Good luck

  Sounds like a turn on issue involving belt and or torque from the motor. Contact Manf. Should not make any noise.


James Edward:
Thank you for the replies. So now I have a second question...
I want to troubleshoot this a bit. The platter does not connect with the belt. It sits on top of a smaller diameter sub platter to which the belt is attached. The actual record platter weighs 2-3 pounds. Will I do any damage if I remove the record platter and hit start and listen for the noise. I know internal combustion engines can be damaged by spinning them up with no load. That’s why I ask...
After that, if I still hear the noise, can I disconnect the belt from the sub-platter, and hit start. Same concern in my head regarding damage to the motor.

Nick B:
Wouldn’t want to hazard a guess. I did find this:


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