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new guy from Michigan

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Hi gang, apparently I registered here back in 2013 but never really jumped in.  :-#  So... HI!

Anyway, been doing the audio thing since I was a kid, but more seriously in the past 15 or so years. (Early-mid 40s now, married, no kids.) I listen to mostly to Jazz, classical, and opera (not always in that order) and some other genres, too. I have my feet planted firmly in both analog and digital camps, as well as tube and solid-state camps. I eschew tribalism.   8)

Modest system (see signature) and often tweaking, but much more focused on music and listening lately than gear. (So it goes.)

Nice place you got! I'll browse around here some more...

Nick B:
Hi Don,
Glad you’re joining in  :thumb:  A very nice selection of equipment and a cozy, treated room. Sounds good to me 🎶🎶

Barry (NJ):
Nice set-up, welcome to the asylum ;)

S Clark:
Wow.  That's a very nice Nipper. Good dog, good set up. 

Thanks for the warm welcome!


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