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Hello from California

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I enjoy audio and home theater.  Looking forward to participating here.

Nick B:
Welcome, Rick. Glad you are here!

Barry (NJ):
Hey Rick, thanks for coming by!

Welcome aboard.  :thumb:

I should describe me and my systems.  I am a retired engineer 67 years old enjoying life and audio.  Have been interested in the hobby since 1967.  I use 3 systems.

Office:  Marantz 2230 (purchased in 1972) with Andrew Jones Pioneer Speakers

Living Room: 5 channel in wall surrounds and a Denon 2113ci receiver, LG 65 4K TV

Home Media Room:   5.3.4 Dolby Atmos system, Denon X4500 receiver, OSD Black 5 channel amp, JBL L100 mains and assorted surrounds, 70 Visio TV and 106 16 by 9 projection From an LG LED 1080p prohector.
3 subwoofers -  DIY dual opposed 12, DIY PA 460 18 and and SVS PB 12 plus 2 dual 12 inch.


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