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Custom Uber with flame makore finish...

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I left the grain unfilled for texture.

I am officially drooling.

Nick B:
Very nice, Dave. The colors remind me of Brazilian rosewood, which was my favorite finish of speakers Iíve owned

Sweet!   :drool:

Thanks, guys!

It is full tilt boogie:

4 - Furutech GTX(R)NCF further enhanced with IGFD
Furutech FI-06NCF IEC
Triode Wire Labs internal wiring
Prototype FinalFilters (gonna be the next generation as an option)
Internal mass damping on all of the components
Internal copper Faraday cage/ground plane
Custom ground noise filter

My client pulled out the stops.  It is spooky quiet and unbelievably dynamic!  :thumb:  It is the best Uber I have built.  State of my art.   :thumb:


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