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custom dust cover for Basis Ovation turntable

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doug s.:
yes, and that's why i urge you not to sell the dustcover separately; it will only make the main sale easier if you have a complete package.

the arm might be an easy sale separately, but i'd only offer the turntable w/o the arm as an option, if a buyer wanted; not the other way around.  if someone offers to buy the arm, tell them only if you sell the turntable and the buyer wants it w/o arm.  (and same, if someone offers to buy the dustcover only.)

doug s.

--- Quote from: Nick B on August 16, 2020, 11:15:19 AM ---Thanks for that link, Doug. Will check them out. Yes, I expect it will be a difficult sale. I guess thatís why I left it for last....

--- End quote ---


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