Author Topic: Just Curious- Why Would Tidal/Qobuz/iTunes, etc. Include (Re-Recorded) Songs  (Read 36 times)

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I just spent precious minutes (not really precious) making sure I got the ORIGINAL Grass Roots songs I wanted in my Tidal favorites. I routinely have to wade through the re-recorded versions, karaoke versions, and, most egregiously, the ‘70’s Hits Done By Some Bar Band’, etc., etc.
I can see that some things are not available at all except in a re-recording, etc., but when the original is available, why the horrid versions too?
As I’ve said in some other posts, I fully realize others would love to have ‘problems’ like this, so I feel the need to qualify this question as such.
Is it just to pad the number of songs- “We’ve got 40 million tracks- subscribe to us”?