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Innous Zen Mini III ripper/streamer
« on: July 31, 2020, 04:43:26 PM »
Iíve had my Auralic Mini streamer and dedicated power supply for a few years now and itís done a very good job of streaming. It has room onboard for a hard drive, but Iíve kept my music ....400+ CDs ... on a portable external drive connected to my Mac desktop.

Iíve heard the excellent comments from Charles, Triode Pete, Gary Dews (Border Patrol) and many others about the Innous products. Iím only interested in the Zen Mini III, mainly due to budget reasons. I expect the streamer might be a bit better than my Auralic Mini, but the ripping capability is intriguing to me as well. Iíve been on a mission to downsize and keep getting rid of ďstuffĒ and that includes all my albums and CDs.

Got on the Innous website the other day and looked at the quick start up guide for the Mini III and also a couple of videos on YouTube. I must say the design, simplicity and intuitive nature of the software is very good. I know that my CDs have a lot of tagging errors and they need to be fixed. I used one or two tagging programs over 10 years ago and they both made matters worse.

As Charles is an Innous dealer, Iíve been in contact with him about maybe getting one. It appears my power supply would work on it as well. The only thing I donít like about it is itís not wireless capable.

If anyone has used any Innous products, iíd appreciate your comments, especially on the ripping/tagging aspect.

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