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S Clark:
I'm a classical and jazz listener.  And that means there's not much new under the sun, but sometimes you happen upon a lesser known gem. 
And in a box set of Spanish piano music is a cd of a composer I'd never heard of... Frederico Mompou, who composes little gems of music like pearls on a string.  Written mostly in the 1920s and later, they are part Eric Satie and part Claude Debussey.   Check them out.

  Thanks. Recently discovered Mike Wofford Jazz piano.


Are you listening to digital or LP's of Frederico Mompou?

S Clark:

--- Quote from: Folsom on July 31, 2020, 03:20:13 PM ---Are you listening to digital or LP's of Frederico Mompou?

--- End quote ---

I ran across his work in a cd box of Spanish piano music, but I've been looking around Discogs to see what available on vinyl.  When I get back from the beach in a day or so, I'll probably have an lp or two headed my way.
The cd set is "Espana Piano Works pianist Jean-Francois Heisser available at Amazon reasonably.

James Edward:
Just looked him up on Tidal- nitpicking yes, but the vast majority of his work is listed under frederic- frederico turned up very few results. I believe it’s the same person. Thanks, I will listen more tomorrow. As a good friend once said- “Piano music elevates the level of conversation”.


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