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Classic and Rare Loesch & Wiesner Phono / Linestage Preamplifier

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--- Quote from: Triode Pete on July 29, 2020, 02:57:35 PM ---
--- Quote from: jimbones on July 29, 2020, 02:21:58 PM ---Nice build quality. Was he formerly in the defense field? Looks like it was built by someone that work in Mil Spec. I love that since I came from the defense industry.

--- End quote ---

He was schooled as an electrical engineer in the U.K. and was trained by the U.S. military on proper layout & soldering techniques... I have NEVER seen better solder joints!

You should see his antique radio collection... All look brand-new (restored by him)...

--- End quote ---

I'll have to examine, I think I can give him a run for the money, I was certified to Mil Std 2000 soldering. My wife is a QC inspector and inspects my work. (IPC 610). I love the way he forms the components and the jumpers are about as neat as you will ever see in point to point. Love it.

Triode Pete:


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