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Supra or Anticables... Feeling the Itch

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James Edward:
Happy 4th to all in these United States. The following is just a rumination...
Im getting the itch to change(notice I did not say upgrade) speaker cables. I currently use 12 gauge Anticables. Of course now they offer a doubled up version at 9 gauge. My speakers do not have bi-wire capability, so that is a non-issue. The 3.1 version of their cable is simply their 2.1 cables with an extra pair of wires. http://anticables.com/speaker-wires/2-channel#!/Level-3-1-Speaker-Wires/p/14644527/category=3449817

Then there is Supra- they have a 9 gauge stranded, tin plated wire- pretty much the polar opposite of what Anticables espouses.

Quite a while ago, I spoke with Pierre at Mapleshade; he was adamant that large gauge wire muddied up the bass. This is also a factor in my head, FWIW. Supra does sell a smaller gauge wire of the same type(stranded copper with tin plating).
Lastly, I will say that I run rather long lengths of wire-18 ft., and 23 ft. Therefore, these two contenders are likely all I can afford to try. Others out there run into megabucks.
Any thoughts or experience on stranded vs. solid core, etc., are appreciated.
If it makes a difference- speakers are Spatial M3 Turbo S, amp is Luxman L-590 AX Mk2.


Barry (NJ):
I'm really frugal, I use this solid wire...

I use 2 conductors for +, 2 conductors for -, and the 5th conductor for the OPT input on my Gallo Reference 3.5 speakers.

Nick B:
Id opt for Supra.

I went with Triode Wire and am thrilled with it.


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