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Purity Audio Master Reference Preamplifier 300B/6SN7

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Response Audio:
Good news - Bad news - Good news

Good News
Over the past several years, Purity Audio Design has become known for unique, high end preamplifiers. We also have the industry's only DHT buffer/preamp, the Harmonia. With the Reference linestage and Harmonia being a popular combination, we have been working on a design that combines the two in a single chassis.

Now, with the Master Reference, you get a 300B input stage (think 300B output stage for all your components), feeding the award winning Reference linestage. To answer a common question about the Harmonia 300B circuit......although it is considered a buffer, we do not use a cathode follower for this circuit. Our circuit takes full advantage of the 300B tube which also means you can choose a quality 300B of your choice.

Bad News (well, not for us)
Within the next two weeks, we are sending our prototype Master Reference (shown below) to a large audio manufacturer that has interest in picking up tbis product and possibly produce under that company's name.

Good News
Purity Audio Design is offering ONLY ONE Master Reference in the Reference mk3 chassis. (Also shown below). The 300B tubes will protrude through the top approximately 2-3 inches.  This will be the only unit built in this chassis and possibly the only unit built under the Purity name.

Details, specs and pricing

Reference MK3

Shown below is a picture of the prototype.

   Wow. Double wow wow. Always great thinking from Bill.

Response Audio:
Thanks Charles. As you know, we like to do things a little different from the norm. We (Purity Audio) will be doing more with DHT designs. I have several new designs floating around in my head and some on paper.. One being a very unique integrated. Now just need to find the time.

Barry (NJ):

Response Audio:
Thank you Barry😁

For this unit we will upgrade the capacitors to StealthCaps.
Additional option: you can choose to have the input circuit based on the 2A3 over the 300B.
No additional charge for either listed above.
Autoformer attenuators - add $650
Shipping will be included to the lower 48.
3 year parts and labor warranty.


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