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Tired of Your Music? Change the Sort.

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James Edward:
Howdy All,
Just throwing this out there- I recently went through some iPad changes, id changes, etc. These changes reset the sort types- by date added, by alphabetization, by artist, by album, etc. Even with 3,000 songs in iTunes, and a few thousand in Tidal, I found myself hitting play in the same narrow band of music. The other day my wife said ďyou know you play a lot of the same musicĒ.
With all the changes, the default settings in my iTunes and Tidal libraries were reset, and Iím hearing a lot of stuff I havenít played in a long time.
Itís refreshing to say the least. I still like to explore new music via Tidal, but we all have that core of music we like. Mix it up via sorting- youíd be surprised.

Nick B:
I get in the same rut of playing the same tunes and donít use as much of Roonís capability as I should. Speaking of Apple IDs, how did you get it resolved?

I, too, notice from time to time that I'm listening to the same (or very similar) songs. Recently, I've been going to the bottom of each artist's page (on TIDAL) to find related artists, and have discovered quite a few who are new to me. I have connected my BDP-103 connected to my system for ages, so my CDs have languished. There must be a dozen as yet unopened CDs lying around.  :roll:

  Seems that the same ole CDs are spun. When I am breaking a piece in the same CD is played over and over til broken in.


doug s.:
i've posted it before, i will post it again - best station on planet earth and they save their playlist history for 2 weeks, so you can go back and look up something that caught your eye/ear. and you can see what's playing in real time on your fone as well as on your computer:

higher bitrate feed (nice w/an internet tuna w/digital out into a dac):

doug s.


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