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James Edward:
My last brown hair is gray. This is driving me nuts.
I have a new ipad- and an old ipad. I had been occasionally pairing it to my bluetooth receiver, then playing through the stereo.
I say occasionally, because I can't swear it was working properly right before I set up the new ipad.
Symptoms- Ipad recognizes audioengine bt receiver. It connects. Music will play for a split second, then disconnect bt connection. Music pauses. When I hit play, music plays through the ipad speaker. I use the bt for itunes, though I have the same issue via youtube.
I have restarted the ipads- for troubleshooting purposes, I will state that both of them exhibit this issue. I have unplugged and rebooted the bt receiver.
I have tried 'forget this device' then reconnected.
I believe I have restarted/rebooted each device probably 5 times.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated. I didn't know where to post this, so feel free to move it if there's a better forum spot.

James Edward:
I will add- bluetooth connection works when connecting to a standalone bluetooth speaker.
Also- these ipads and receiver are unrelated to previous questions I posed about bluetooth products for a friend.

James Edward:
My IPOD appears to work with no issues. Just thought to try it.

Nick B:
I know very little about this stuff. But would there be a firmware update available on your receiver? Also, have you tried calling Apple support?

James Edward:
Nick, I was about to post again on my one man thread. I'm thinking that the ipod and bt receiver are both of the same vintage. I believe you are correct- I'm going to investigate further.


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