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  Can you think of any ? To start Dylan;" How many times can a Man look up and pretend he just doesn't see"


Nothing from Bob Dylan for me. I have thought the Boss as more relevant than him.

What do you think about Townes Van Zandt?

I don't get a "feeling" a lot anymore about how profound lyrics are. Vienna Teng from Danny's latest GR-R video might have some stuff that could qualify? Seems intelligent but able to formulate substance. 

Barry (NJ):
Placebo: Too Many Friends Not sure it's extremely profound, but I find it's a pretty poignant commentary on modern society.

Ice Cube's " It was a Good Day" from The Predator album

We all can relate

Triode Pete:
"Yeah I shot them down, one by one
And left them 'long the rails
I only use my gun
Whenever kindness fails"

Songwriter: Robert Earl Jr Keen
Music by: Joe Ely


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