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Anyone following this thread over at AC?

Current and potential customers of Spatial Audio are have a conniption about the recent price increase

Clayton Shaw, owner, responds

Never seen anything like this :duh

The market will ultimately decide


   Someone will always complain about or disagree. Clayton was transparent enough to admit a mistake in pricing. Should he eat it ? Should he cover it with some sort of BS improvement ? NO he was a Man about it and explained why.
  The price is what it is. Buy it or not. An excellent OB design for those who like OB designs. Hey build one yourself instead. just saying. I would buy the X-2 in a heartbeat if my room was larger.


Don't like the price? Go DIY. But don't expect to best Clayton very easily with DIY...

I see nothing wrong with what Clayton is doing. I suspect very few people wouldn't just pay the higher price. I think most of those complaining are trying to figure out how to afford them and then the target moved. Anyone that can obviously afford them can probably go up a little.

Could he have announced price change? Yes but only if he wanted a few orders before it happened, at the old price. If the old price just wasn't worth it then why bother?

As far as costs go, ya, it can be nearly impossible to get a PRECISE cost down until you make a dozen or more.

I also appreciate Mr. Shaw's honesty and ethics in his explanation. Running a small audio company is a tough
and often times thankless job with minimal profit when all the R&D and other business expenses are calculated.



I think his raising prices is perfectly acceptable, and I'm flummoxed over all the negative comments. Clayton's response could have been gentler (to help ease bruised egos), but he is not in the wrong. He must have been losing money on each pair, so he corrected it asap.

I want my audio dealers/manufacturers to stay in business. If that means I must shell out a few hundred more, I'll do it so long as that is the gear I want. Of course, I love getting discounts whenever possible.


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