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Purchase soley for sentimental reasons?

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--- Quote from: James Edward on May 16, 2020, 06:38:07 AM ---Absolutely. I believe I had the same model. Also purchased from Audio Exchange in Roosevelt Field. That was my go to store in the seventies and eighties. I dealt with a salesman named Mike Cinquemani. Bought my several ADS speaker pairs from there too.
Bought my Hafler amp and preamp there also. That store got a decent chunk of change from me back in the day.
I also saw and heard the DQ-10 there.
Great throwback Emil, thanks.

--- End quote ---

I spent a lot of time (and $) in that store as well. From 1981 -1990 I worked at 100 Garden City Plaza, one of the office buildings along the edge of the Roosevelt Field parking lot. I spent many lunch hours in that store.  :roll:

I remember Mike , but mostly dealt with a fellow named Jerry Hnot. he also sold me a Hafler amp and preamp. But in my case not only did I listen to the DQ-10s there, Jerry also sold me a pair.

Every time I went into Audio Exchange in Roosevelt Field I lusted over all the chrome knobs and switches on display. Those were the days of ultimate control on your sound. Now we are lucky to get an on-off switch and a volume knob. I finally picked up this beauty from them. I think they gave me a good deal because they were tired of cleaning up the drool on the floor.

Yeah Bob, those were the days when you could go into the store listen to all types of stuff, get advice from the staff and walk out with a nice brand new piece of equipment.......  all for less money than we now pay for a decent set of cables.

another blast from my past.
Purchased new from Audio Visions in West Babylon. Remember them?
True high end speaker at an affordable price.

There were times I almost pulled the trigger on a set of these.
Probably still competitive today

S Clark:
My first move up in quality from my Panasonic radio/8 track, and Garrard table was a pair of used Frazier Monte Carlo speakers. 
8" two ways with high efficiency made a big difference in quality over the cheap 4" full range that came with the set.  A friend that runs a record store had a pair in his warehouse.  One was dead so needed a bit of work, but for $40 and a couple of hours, they are now working... and still setting in his shelves.  After hearing them, I told him to sell them if he gets a chance and we'd split the $.  My experience is that old stereo stuff... usually sounds average or worse- some old tube amps are the exception. 


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