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Does anyone have experience with the Electric Recording Co products? They are very expensive LP's and was wondering how good they were/are.

James Edward:

Just saw this- more of a press release, but it links to the company website. There are a number of replies too; maybe someone in there has some actual experience with the product. Personally, I think you should buy several, so we can all check them out and decide for ourselves...

I would love to own them. But I also find the price to be the antithesis to people wanting to join the hobby. They could easily produce more of them. I'd consider maybe up to $100 each. But $300 with an increasing price is IMO a turn off that is bad for the hobby and exclusive in an a really shitty way. It's bad enough that good LP's in classical in general cost a lot of money. There are gems that don't, but honestly the ones that cost more are better on the whole.

Agree, just wondering how much better they are than some other carefully produced LP's such as Analog Productions etc

Probably way better. I find most "audiophile" productions not so great.


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