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One of my nephews just ordered a Fluance RT81 TT for $250.

Anyone know anything about Fluance TTs? [I know zilch.]


Nope. But it's definitely uncle's responsibility to show him proper cart setup!

S Clark:
Reviews indicate that you get decent value for your $250, and not likely to get better without spending double. 
You get a belt drive table, a basic arm, and a basic ellipitical cartridge, already set up. 
It's simple, should be plug and play, and not a bad place for a rookie to start with vinyl. 

I'm afraid this uncle is all thumbs when it comes to TTs. Plus - he's in Minnesota and I'm in Oregon. That's extreme social distancing.

Thanks, Scott.

The boy is using my old...old...old NAD integrated amp that I gave to my younger sister in 1989. I had just returned from a 1.5 year stint in China and Taiwan intensive Mandarin studies. I was about to head back to China, so I sold my gear or gave it to my sister. She got my Yamaha NS-500 speakers. I think they're long gone. She only 'discovered' the NAD amp last week. I wonder if she has my old Nakamichi tape deck?

  Could be a good TT for a beginner. Look at Music Hall and Rega as well.



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