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Listen with Lights ON or OFF ??


   For me lights off. Why you ask ? Several reasons. First and formost our Brainage focuses better on one thing at a time. That is why Home theater systems sound that good. The brain cannot focus on the music while watching the video. The distraction of the light or glare takes away from ones concentration.
   Second the soft glow of tubes [ when eyes are open ] is relaxing. Yes eyes closed as well. Your take ??



Completely off or just dimmed? I have small colored led lights from Ikea. Good for mood. They are detrimental to the sound so I plug them into Dave's Digibuss.


Barry (NJ):
When I set up the listening/media room I installed three sets of lights. I purchased sixteen 4' LED light bars from Amazon. There are two directly over the seating area, and two directly over the speakers, these are attached to decorative beams on the ceiling and the light is directed down and towards the back wall (or is it front, always forget), so it doesn't shine in to your eyes. The're also five along each side of the room, which are behind a valance to avoid glare. Each of these three groups is on its own switch, which allows for various lighting modes/moods. When listening to music, I usually have just the lights over the speakers on. These lights shine down and towards the speakers, equipment, and back wall, which has the room pretty dim and relaxed, but not dark.

Listening lights (extra light coming in as it's morning and the windows behind the tapestry face east)...

IMG_20200428_105437 by Barry, on Flickr

All lights...

IMG_20200428_105508 by Barry, on Flickr

Only light above seating on, screen down, getting ready for a movie...

2019-07-14_07-57-53 by Barry, on Flickr

  Nice set up Barry.



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