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Been exclusively streaming for quite a while now from a server.  Getting back in to vinyl.  Have a VPI HW19 Mk II, RB300 with new weight and incognito rewire, table came with a VDH MM-1 with a new stylus.  Looking for a phono stage and would love some advice from those who have been into this.  Need to keep it under $700 and used is just fine.  Things I am considering (but welcome to other suggestions!)

IFI iPhono2
Hagerman Cornet 3
Graham Slee ???
Lehman Black Cube
Musical Surroundings  Phonomena II
Vincent PHO 701
Vista Audio
Lounge Audio.

Would be nice to have a combo MM/MC unit but as of now, just MM is fine and then either upgrade or add a step up transformer later if I move to a low output MC.  Kind of depends on how the Van den Hul sounds. Have not heard this cartridge.

Thanks in advance for all opinions.

Nick B:
Vista has a very good reputation, especially on their phono stages. Couldnít readily find a price, but I think itís around $400.

Vista Phono 2 in that price range without a doubt.  I owned the Phono I Mk II and the the Phono 2 for the last three.  If you need help or service Boris is as good as it gets. If you decide to go higher in budget the Gold Note PH-10.

S Clark:
I currently have two Vistas, a Jolida, a Dodd, and a Graham Slee.  The Vistas are excellent value but at the bottom of the group.  I think the Dodd and Graham Slee are both a good step up... Dodd with better base and more musical, the Graham Slee with more detail.  But I think the Jolida is my favorite. 
The Dodd is the priciest... and probably impossible to find. The Vistas are the cheapest, And used Graham Slees and Jolidas are quite afforable and regularly available. 

  For the money Vista. Just needs a better power supply to be its best.



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