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Anyone here use Vibrapods?

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--- Quote from: Response Audio on February 20, 2020, 08:17:57 AM ---If the phono stage does not have any damping material inside it, you can use either the coupling or decoupling. I have been using Tenderfeet (decoupling) for years under our Purity products.
If your phono stage already has damping material, I would stick with decoupling which I recommend for phono stages. I Would not mix decoupling  (damping material) with coupling (cones and bearings).

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My phonostage has the cheap rubber feet. Nothing special. I have the damping material can put on the inside of the case. That usually helps. Last night I put bubble wrap under it just to test it and it seemed to help so I will try both coupling and decoupling

I think I've tried at least a dozen different vibration footers over the last 20-30 years and Vibrapods were certainly among them... likely one of the better bang for the buck options.   I also tried a number of things from Herbies Audio Lab and a few home-grown solutions.   

My most recent (and hopefully last) solution is from IsoAcoustics which has resulted in the greatest improvment by far.   I've got their GAIA II footers under my speakers and their OREA Bronze isolaters under my integrated amps.   Definitely pricier than the Vibrapods but I'm certain that the total cost of the IsoAcoustics was less than what I spent on all of the other footers I've tried combined.


--- Quote from: BobM on February 19, 2020, 11:46:36 AM ---I had them at one point.They worked OK, but are not good at everything. Here's what I suggest.

Go to a sporting goods store (or and buy some foam tennis balls. Cut them in half and try them under your components. Cheap squishy things.

Then buy some squash balls and try them. Cheap squishy roller things.

Then get some large steel ball bearings and try them. Cheap hard roller things.

Then get some hockey pucks. I think you may know what they are. Cheap hard things.

Find out which components like squishy, which like roller, which like hard and which like soft before spending money on anything more expensive. In my experience, tubes like soft & squishy. Turntables liked the squash balls. Transports, CD players and solid state prefer some version of hard isolation, some roller balls, others something else. And you can do it on the cheap to discover this. It's all trial and error anyway.

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OK SO i bought some foam golf balls cut them in half flat side down and trying them now. Tough to tell but it doesnt sound like it harms the sound so I guess its OK


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