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Custom Segue Tube Buffer - Single ended only- affordable chassis - New- $210


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4 Sale- Custom Musica Bella Segue Tube Buffer - Under construction. Single ended .This has everything our Segue buffer normally contains exvept it has been built into a painted aluminum chassis. 100% new Segue in an affordable package.
Elna Cerafine power supply filter caps, toroidal power transformer, separate transformer for regulated tube filament supply. This is the transformer placed on top of the chassis. One set each single ended input/output. Clarity Cap ESA output capacitors.
Output impedance 90 ohm. One 6922/6DJ8. Price $549.
If interested or know someone who is, please contact me

See more here

We have a few chassis left for our "Custom" Class A Tube Preamp and Segue Tube buffer/preamp. Please see our others items for sale here or visit our website through the link above.

2 years parts and labor warranty.
Shipping $15

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I have a few pieces left in our inventory. I am trying to move everything before the middle of February.

New Pieces - I have chassis in stock for the following. Details can be found on out web site

Musica Bella "Custom" preamp
Musica Bella Segue mk3 tube buffer/preamp
Total of 2 chassis left. Custom built to order

Purity Audio Design Reference preamplifier
1 chassis left - Custom built to order

Pre-Built --
Musica Bella Custom preamp - Single ended - Completed and ready to ship - $749
Musica Bella Custom Segue - painted chassis- 100% new build - $549 - 90% complete
Musica Bella LeAnna Twin Chassis outboard 274B power supply - $1799 - 90% complete

Details and pictures can be found on the "Specials" page of our web site

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Priced dropped to $210 including shipping. Does not come with tube or power cord. Clearing everything out.

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