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I actually use a fairly cheap MM... and I'm sure many would think my stereo slaughters countless ones with MCs... I'm not saying I wouldn't like an MC, I just get so much out of an MM that I'm not sure why the effort of an MC would be necessary. Although I don't exactly have a "stock" phono preamp with all the typical flaws.


I think I am going to try a Hana MC next. Their top of the line has been getting rave reviews and is a little more sensibly priced if there is such a thing.

S Clark:
I'm a rookie compared to many around here.  The MM I've tried were Shure v15 III, a Grado blue, and the ADC XLM MK III,  and a Signet TK 10 ML. Of that bunch, I probably liked the Grado the best.  None had the detail of my first MC, a Dyna 10x5. 
Folsom, which MM are you fond of?

Happy Hunting Charles!

I too will be interested in the responses, on my 2nd Dyna 20x2L and itching to try something new.

And like Jack, though not in your list of candidates, I hear lots of good buzz about Hana.

  I have and still own a Linn Arkiv and Micro Benz so I know what MC can offer. Using a Gold Note Boboli a HO MC as we speak. The Linn is .15mv a tough load. The Benz needs re-tipping. Thought about re-tipping Benz however not sure if worth it.
  The Audio Hungary Qualiton phono has both MM [ 40db ] and MC [ 62 db ]. Do not want to use a step up transformer.  I was always curious as to why Grado who has patent on MC only makes MM.
   MM has a midrange and bass advantage over MC IMHO. Where MC has a more 3D stage and a better and more open top end in my experience.
    Yesterday a good friend who is a carridget freak recommended Miyajima over the ones I mentioned. His ref was Koetsu for many many years now Miyajima. What to do.
     S. Clark talk away here no problem about any cart.



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