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Hi, guys.

I stumbled onto a FB page where I guy claims series crossovers don't perform very well, or that there are issues with them. I don't have technical knowledge of crossover design to argue with him other than to say I like how my series XO speakers sound. Anyone have thoughts on this guy's paper?



The FB post is in a group called "DIYRM", and the post is dated October 3, 2017.

He tested based off of copying the "don't change any values" approach... Fritz speakers measure nicely. Obviously the crossovers aren't universal with given values, and obviously positioning of tweeter/woofer can play a big factor.

Anyone can make any type of speaker good or bad (well maybe not anyone can make it good)

Ditto on Fritz speakers.  Love their sound through the entire frequency range.

  Do not get caught up in the parts used. Listen to it instead. There is a VG reason we sell LOTS of Fritz speakers.


As a more than satisfied customer of the Carrera BE's, Rollo is spot on.  They are opening up nicely and a true example of good things come in small packages.


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