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Chord Mojo
« on: December 27, 2019, 10:23:01 AM »
Bought this unit as an upgrade from Moon Audio as an open box 12/17/19.
Also purchased a Silver Dragon USB A to USB Micro B 12" long to use w/ it.
Both are 10 days old and in perfect shape. And yes orig. box and packing.
This is a great unit and works better w/ the Dragon than with supplied cord and am
selling only because it's not being used for what it is intended for. I use it in my office and
the battery gives out before my day is over. This is somewhat frustrating so putting it up
for sale here.
Unit price was $350.00
Silver Dragon was $140.00
Plus tax ran me $525.68
You can have both for $400.00 shipped (con us). PM me if interested.