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Guy 13:
Hi all.
Does the center channel of a 5.1 receiver speakers
can do the same job as a sound bar when the source (Movie)
is ony in stereo.
I'm asking, because if the receiver center channel speaker output
is doing the same jon=b as a sound bar,
then I won't have to by a sound bar and use a pair of speakers
I already have or even built my own with a few 3'' drivers.
Waiting suggestion and expert advice.

Guy 13

Barry (NJ):
A sound bar is used when you don't have a receiver and separate L/C/R speakers.
I just use separate left and right speakers with my living room TV, no receiver or center channel, and I'm very happy with the result.
I suppose it really depends on what you're trying to achieve(?)

related to sound bars... have been pleasantly surprised with the Sonos Beam as a standalone speaker. Using for ambient music in a couple spots (kitchen/dining/living area - no sub, and office w/sub) where wanting background music.

If in a pinch, limited space, WAF factor dictating minimal #'s of speakers and wanted something for a TV... I wouldn't hesitate. Not sure I would go the sonos route for a complete 5.1 setup simply due to the fact that things start to add up if outfitting a 5.1 outfit and you have a number of options at that point. Although not having to run speaker cables could potentially be a bonus.

James Edward:
If I understand your question, you want to know if you are losing something by using only 2 speakers
in the front and no center channel. You should still have all the audio channels, but they will be combined into the left and right speakers. This is done when you set up the receiver- you 'tell' it you only have a front left and right speaker, and it sends the all important dialog to the 2 speakers.
A soundbar is usually used INSTEAD of a 5 channel, or in your case, a 2 channel system. They are not really designed to be used as a center channel speaker.

Guy 13:
Thanks to James Edward, djdube525 and Barry (NJ) for your
Once in Canada, I will buy a 55'' flat screen (Smart) TV
a bluray player and since my Pioneer receiver is too old
a new receiver with HDMI connections.
I will keep my pair of GR Research M3 speakers.
To get the HDMI connections I have to buy the 5.1,
since the stereo only receiver don't have any HDMI connections.
The reason why I want a sound bar or any equivalent
is that according to my past experience with several home theater set up,
the voices from the TV programs or movies are never clear,
dificult to clearly understand the words of a conversation.
I don't care about the 5.1
the two speakers stereo is fine with me.
Connection for the sound bar is simple via HDMI connection,
but I find those a little pricey.
I have a small Sony amplifier with bookself speakers,
I would sure like to put to use those.
Hope the above is clear and make sense ? ? ?

Guy 13


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