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More than 60 days ? ? ?

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Guy 13:
Hi all.
More than sixty day went by since a new member register.
What going on ? ? ?
To me, that's almost impossible ? ? ?

Guy 13

this is a small forum, mostly people who participate in multiple forums.. maybe we reached saturation?

Nick B:
Growing a forum takes time, patience and having a strategy. As a former administrator here, I also go to other forums occasionally to read about other topics and products. But Iíll remain and post here as I really enjoy the guys, their civil attitude and knowledge

Barry (NJ):
New Member Introductions != New Member Registrations ;)

Last registration was    2019-10-22

Guy 13:
Hi Barry and others.

Unless I am wrong,
(won't be the first or the last time)
from what I saw on this forum the last registration was by :
pumpkin_peachy_pleasure on August the 16th 2019.
At school I was not good at mathematic,
but look like it's more than two months to me.
I sure don't want to start a third world war, but to me,
according to the statistics on this forum,
I am still wondering why all of a sudden,
not a single registration or should I write : Only one registration.
I also see in the statistics that many guest are browsing in the forum,
why no one want to register ? ? ?

Look to me, that it would be fun to have new members...
O.K. I will stop here, otherwise some member will start no liking me,
if not already done (LOL).

Guy 13

Anyway, I think I am doing my share of keeping this forum active.


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