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Wideband Filters on Ethernet Cables

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Ferrite cores are a NO-NO on unshielded Ethernet.  They tend blunt the rise times in the pulse stream.  Square waves are what digital data is about and anything that effects that wveform is a really bad idea.  Knowing the ethics of some of the major cable manufacturers the warts could contain anything from magnets to pulse transformers (galvanic isolation) to simple mass damping compounds to theoretically reduce electrostriction effects to nuthin'.

I've tried all kinds of things and quite frankly most of them degraded the SQ.  Ferrites on USB cables can make the resultant very dark sounding.

One thing I did find that works'sometimes' is ERS used in very small quantities.  Finding the right amount is a PITA for the amount of return.

Thanks Dave. It appears to be a patent pending magnetic thing. Shunyata has some interesting concepts and applications. Cost is crazy though 1K for a Alpha USB at 1.5M. I'll stay with TWL USB split power USB cable.


Do you use DSD?

  Only with music server which is connected with USB. I use the Ethernet from Transport to DAC. NO DSD from transport.


Mike B.:
The cable add-on I have noticed with Shunyata looks like a coil. I am not a fan of ferrites on cables


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