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  One of the most under rated speakers of our time. The new Strata 2 with sub appear to be even better and less expensive than the Ref 3.5 . Just may be one of the best options for lifestyle and smaller rooms.
I am not a dealer of Gallo.


Barry (NJ):
Having lots of experience with both, I prefer the 3.5, though with enough fiddling the Strada/TR-3D combo can come very close, and allows a bit more flexibility due to the form factor.

  Thanks Barry.

Barry (NJ):
I think Stradas, with a pair of TR-3D subs, could probably equal the 3.5s, as you now have an equivalent driver complement, and you can set a sub with each Strada.
I know that low frequencies are "non-directional" but I think getting sound source equivalent for left and right really helps.
A "Woofer" isn't really the the same as a "Sub-Woofer", and in this case, the TR-3D is functioning as a Woofer. As are most "Sub-Woofers" in 2.1 systems these days ;)

   That combo should be heard IMHO. For me there are only a few speakers that deserve my attention. Gallo, Spatial, Rethm, Fritz, Analysis, Martin Logan and QLN.
    However bang for the buck is Gallo, Spatial and Fritz.



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