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CD Player wouldn't open its tray/door

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Good luck! Dealing with broken or non-functioning audio equipment is VERY stressful.

Stressful I'm not, just a little pissed, 'cos I always pampered my gear.  Except.... I "pushed" the player's door in, ignorance of the possible result.  Now I know.  It's easier when you insert a CD, you'd just tap the door/tray to "command" it to go and play, right? :thumb:

Sometime, soon I hope shortly, I will open up the cage, see if I can fix it, as Marantz said it's a simpler task....  Fingers crossed.  Otherwise, I'll bring it to my handy NJ friend.  He's truly a jack-of-all-trades.  Here's to show how he put 4 Ohms together. :rofl:


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