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Big Sale at Acoustic Sounds

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Chad has got a HUGE sale right now on Blues CDs and SACDs from his Analog Productions Originals (APO) label. These recordings are not only distributed by AS, but are new original recordings done by his staff as well.

The SACDs are $5 and the CDs are only $2.50!

Get 'em while there's still some left. I placed an order for 4 SACDs and 8 CDs and it came to only $40.  :thumb:

Hi, tmazz.

It took me till now to notice your post about this.  :duh

I see there are two dozen discounted selections still available, and I've begun exploring other offerings on Chad's website. I can't help but notice that some of the CDs sell for $30, $50, $60 each, which is higher than I had anticipated. Do you know if these high prices reflect supply/demand, quality of recordings, or other?

I pulled my BDP-103 out of storage a couple months ago, and have begun rediscovering my CD collection. This, not too surprisingly, has re-sparked my interest in buying CDs. I picked up Norah Jones' newest CD on Tuesday for example.

Anyway, here's a belated thanks for mentioning the sale, but more importantly, introducing me to a previously unknown seller of CDs.  :thumb:


First off Chad's releases are always top shelf sonically, so you are getting a premium product to start. His base price for single disc SACD Hybrids is usually right around $30. I think the biggest driver of this is that he does relatively small production runs (as compared to the millions of units the the big labels run for popular albums, so his fixed cost of getting started (Obtaining the source material, mastering the release, setting up the artwork, etc has to be spread much more thickly across the small production runs. And because to the small runs the unit costs of producing the discs themselves id higher as he never gets any large economies of scale in the manufacturing end. But while the prices are higher than mass market CDs, the are not really out of line for premium audiophile releases from other sources. The $30 range seems to be a pretty standard price for standard audiophile software regardless of the format LPs, SACDs, gold CDs all seem to hover around that price. Of cousre there are"premium " audiophile products out there like 2 LP 45 RPM sets and some of the new one step LPS that demand higher prices and the new generation of reel to reel releases that are way higher in price, but that is due to the cost of tape and the labor involved in producing them with realtime duplication.)

An unfortunate side effect of these small production runs is that often a run is almost sold out before it is "discovered" by the audio press which causes large competition for the remaining unit , which of course drives up the price. If you look at the titles that you see on his web site that are commanding the $50 and $60 prices I would guess that they are all either out of print or damn close to it.

I received 5 of 6 CDs a few days ago from my first order at Acoustic Sounds, and I'm really enjoying them. [The 6th CD is back ordered.]

One of the five is an XRCD and the sound quality and dynamics are wonderful - even at very low volume. Each instrument is clear and distinct. I like it so much that I just ordered a bunch more XRCDs to play. As much as I enjoy listening to music on TIDAL, I have noticed the sound quality is better on my BDP-103 to my SW1X DAC.

What did you get, please tell us.

Or even better post your impressions to the "what are you listening to now" thread.

We are always looking for leads on good albums.  :thumb:


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