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Terry Fator's "A Very Terry Christmas"


Caught Terry's Christmas show, "A Very Terry Christmas" at the Mirage on the 25th.

Fator, who was America's Got Talent 2007 winner, is a ventriloquist, impressionist, comedian, and singer. What makes him special is his vocal mimicry of singers while doing ventriloquism .

I finally saw live his Elvis impersonating puppet singing "Blue Christmas". He did a duet between McCartney and Jackson, doing the "The Girl is Mine". Had me in stitches.

He also debuted a Willie Nelson puppet and another one who seemed to enjoy eating  "baked brownies". Very entertaining.

Acknowledged at the end was fellow entertainer, Chris Angel and THE Tony Orlando, who were in the audience. Wow! got to see three celebrities for the price of 1!  8)

Nick B:
I had never heard of him. Found him on YouTube and hes a riot and very talented. Saw him do a Sonny and Cher routine, Axl Rose, lynyrd skynyrd and a Donald Trump as well. Good, clean humor.
Thanks for posting

Hi Nick,

I accidentally ran across him on YouTube, as I don't really watch these reality shows on TV.

No one really expected this level of success, I guess.  Even the judges were dismissive. His turtle, Winston, does a spot on Roy Orbison.

Ventriloquists aren't exactly in now.  :) The last one I remember was this guy, Wayland Flowers and "Madame" - whom I found scary and grotesque as a kid.



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