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Tonearm pod design?

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S Clark:

I need to build a couple of tonearm pods.  I've picked up 12-15 pounds of wheel weights from my local tire dealer, and will use green bean cans to mold a couple of bases.  The top 2 inches will be made out of mesquite from the front pasture.  The question is: should I bolt the mesquite directly to the lead, or put a layer of cork/silicone/rubber in the middle?  Or are bolts a bad idea, and simply use caulking to connect them?
Or should I be looking in a different direction altogether?

Nick B:
My conjecture would be to use a layer in between, bolt them together and use a layer of the same damping material at the top and bottom of the bolt. Any vibration specialists here??

S Clark:
Well Nick, your suggestion is pretty much what I was thinking. The lead supplies deadening and mass, the wood offers a layer that can be milled easily, and a layer of something in between.   I'm hoping that Dave E or some of the other more technical guys will add their 2 cents. 

I'm no expert but I would say that the tonearm would need to be as rigidly attached to the mass as possible. Any amount of sway in it could cause micro vibrations that you don't want. Though the mesquite will look pretty, I still question whether you even want that? Maybe just make a ring of it on the outside and bolt the tonearm to the heavy metal in the middle.

S Clark:
I want a wood top surface since it's easy to get it milled and perfectly flat, and mesquite is dense, and available.  I guess they could mill the lead just as well- might look into that.  Attachment is not a problem with wood, perhaps could be a problem with lead.


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