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   The reviewers are getting smitten over these products from Sweden. Interesting philosophy with removing static elec. A Tachyon Field Generator. MAXiiMUSS P40 . The company claims 30% less Electricity used. www.kempelektroniks.nl


  Cutting edge stuff here surprised no interest.


Charles - now look at what you went and done did.   One more amazingly awesome set of tweaks we can't live without.   Well, actually, the only thing I've read so far was the review in Stereo Times of the Maximus P16.   Certainly has me intrigued.    I was surprised some of the products have been around a few years.   I really hadn't heard of them.

Do they have distributors here in the US or is it all online from NL? 

I wish I had coined this term - elektrosmog

Brilliant and descriptive!

 That's my job finding the stuff, pocketbook another issue. No dealers in USA. Just makes sense to me. Trying to obtain a demo piece. Let ya know.  Great term for sure.
Hey did not Spock use Tachyon fields  to save the Enterprise ?



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