Author Topic: What speaker cables are you using, what did they replace, and why?  (Read 5948 times)

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Re: What speaker cables are you using, what did they replace, and why?
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And the gauge of wire makes a sonic difference, even down to 0,2 of a gauge or less. I would suggest doing a comparison of gauges when auditioning and using the results as a reference. If the larger sounds better, continue with even larger. If the smaller sounds better, continue with smaller. There will be an optimum gauge for one's system. This works for paralleling wires as well.

Do a comparison of materials as well, such as copper or silver. I would still keep track of the gauge, as jumping from one brand to another without knowing the gauges simply becomes a crap shoot.


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Re: What speaker cables are you using, what did they replace, and why?
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I don’t have the discipline of most here; so take my findings with a few grains of salt... I also have 22 and 25 foot runs of speaker cable, which makes it $difficult$ to audition a lot of ‘audiophile’ cable.
I like the results with Anti-Cables standard 12 gauge wire. I guess it falls into the less insulated category of wire.
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Re: What speaker cables are you using, what did they replace, and why?
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I'm currently using Audience Front Row speaker cables.

They replaced Audience Au24 SX cables.

Why- lower the noise floor, increase dynamics, more low-level information, air, space and 3-dimensional holographic imaging.

Audience has continued in its research and development of performance driven audio products
and has reached a new apex in musical reproduction. MORRE (Musically Optimized Reduction
of Resistive Energy) is the umbrella under which we have placed all of our best and newly
improved technologies. The pursuit of signal integrity is the driving force behind the extreme
evolution of MORRE. From the modified purest form of copper, rhodium and silver to deep
cryogenic treatment, specialized connectors and geometries, the application of extreme high
voltages and strategic damping implementations, MORRE technologies provide the highest
degree of signal transfer with the lowest degree of unwanted distortions. Every MORRE product
will deliver pure music that rises above the noise to a greater degree ever achieved by

Conductive Materials
Our expertise in the properties and values of various conductive materials has led us to the
precise development and selection of conductors for specific signal transfer applications. All
types of audio signals are different from one another, having unique characteristics clearly
defined by their purpose. MORRE conductors are comprised of modified 99.9999% Ohno
continuous cast copper and 99.9999% pure silver, as well as high purity silver plated copper to
ensure the highest preservation and purity of signal. Certain sizes, combinations and configurations
of these conductors are used depending upon the type of signal, to accurately compliment
their specific application.

The relative permittivity of the materials surrounding all MORRE conductors is critical to the
product design and performance. Types and characteristics of dielectrics, their ability to
insulate as well as store electrical energy and transmit electrical force without conductance is
carefully taken into consideration and tested for each and every category in the audio chain.
MORRE includes XLPE, a virgin cross-linked polypropylene, chosen for its high dielectric
constant as well as its low micro phonics, PTFE (Teflon) in some applications unsurpassed in
dielectric properties and, “air” only surpassed by a complete vacuum. These, plus additional
materials, are used in MORRE products to produce the most exacting dielectric properties for
the highest signal integrity.

Signals passing through conductors are only part of the equation. Every contact point is vital to
signal integrity. Not only can there be a measurable loss of signal at contact points, but also the
introduction of noise and interference occurs, generated by eddy currents, hysteresis, magnetic
induction and differences in metallurgy. MORRE contact points are carefully and coherently
purposed by using state of the art metallurgy, soldering materials and techniques as well as
numerous exclusive solder-free connections. Metals used in MORRE connectors have
conformity to application and consist of Tellurium Copper, Beryllium copper, Rhodium, Gold