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SAS Audio Labs "V" Interconnect Cable Review
« on: March 24, 2019, 05:15:51 PM »
Here is a review of my "V" interconnect cables, by Mr. Dan Curry, who did purchase a pair. As mentioned, the plugs were Vampire all copper with gold plating, that I have modified, upgraded. Here is Mr. Curry's review.

Like most audio nuts, I have been through my share of interconnects: Cardas, Stealth, Audio Quest, Kimber, Monster, Shunyata, Blue Jeans, Mapleshade, and several others I can no longer recall. About $600 is the most I have ever spent, and I usually resort to the used market to get the most bang for my buck.

My system is composed entirely of highly modified vintage tube electronics driving LS3/5a's or Harbeth P3's. The aging tube electronics require frequent maintenance, and for many years my work was performed at Great Northern Sound in Minnesota. When Mr. Huntley closed his shop a few years ago I did an internet search for someone closer to home and that is how I met Steve at SAS audio. For several years now Steve has been taking care of my vacuum tube gear. He is capable, his fees are reasonable, and his shop is 45 minutes from my home so the choice was easy.

As it happens Steve manufactures his own RCA interconnects, and about 6 months ago he loaned me a set and asked for my thoughts. I find them to be quite remarkable, especially given their modest price. They may be the most neutral, natural sounding cables I have heard. They also present an "organic" quality that reminds me of the Stealth PGS cables. They are not the last word in transparency, but there is enough of this to allow the listener to forget that they are in the system. I do know that the set I purchased were terminated with gold-plated "Vampire" RCA plugs which are well regarded in the audio community. And then there is the price.

The debate about the value, if any, of the improvement that can be obtained with audio cables has been going on since their introduction, which debate only becomes more heated as the price approaches and even surpasses that of electronic components themselves. I will simply say that in my system every set of interconnects sound different. Sometimes the differences are subtle and sometimes they are astonishing, but the "right" ones allow all the components to play "as one" with a musical integrity that takes us a step closer to the elusive live sound. In my system, the SAS interconnects perform this function admirably."

Highly recommended.

Dan Curry

One additional comment. Although there are numerous ics at all sorts of prices, mine are the only ones that I know of that are listening tested in multiple ways, including in a special setup, and checked for accuracy. As such, I can claim they are accurate and do not alter the musical presentation. Check the manufacturer's forum link below for more information.


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