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   If you like what Salt crystal lamps offer in sound improvement these babies take the cake. Do you desire the recording venue in your room ? DONE. Do you like an open sound stage ? DONE.  Do you like presence ? DONE.
   Cleans your air, makes your music sound better, good for your health a no brainer. There are several commercial Shuman Resonaters out there however this one takes the cake for me.
    Even Herbie Hancock uses them after hearing the difference. He stated his piano never sounded that good. He will NOT record without them.
   Good for Herbie good for you. Everyone needs to experience this. Mind boggling. Not a dealer but I wish I was.


Nick B:


Nick B:

--- Quote from: rollo on March 13, 2018, 10:53:47 AM ---www.acoustic-revive/english/roomtuning/rr-77/htm

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That link didnít open for me. Hereís another.

Link to US importer's website.

Joe Cohen, nice guy!

They make some very cool and effecacious products. The CD treatment machine is amazing, I heard it before and after on a homemade CD-R. They make a outlet bar that is hollowed out billet aluminum filled with tourmaline dust, it is amazing.


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