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This place nobody comes around anymore.  But, I'm hoping some of an old aficionado will come around and answer my prayer.

I just dug up a power cable, has Wisner Radio Laboratory tag on it.  Does anyone know aything about that?  I have no idea how I got it.

Much appreciated. :D



--- Quote from: goldlizsts on January 18, 2018, 10:51:05 AM ---This place nobody comes around anymore.
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Nick B:
Virtually everyone is welcome. This place is always open to those who are audio enthusiasts and can conduct themselves in a non-confrontative manner. So thanks, guys!  :thumb:

Re Wisner Laboratory, there’s a Wisner,  Nebraska. Maybe they’re related.

Triode Pete:
That's John Wiesner... He's a genius when it comes to tube radio & electronics...

I replied to the email that you sent me earlier...


Thanks Pete, I think you just reminded me of the incident that caused me to have gotten the wire....  Not too senile yet. :drool:

Hope to see y'all soon, somewhere, someplace, sometime in the near future.  The Audionervosa playground has been quiet, which was what I meant earlier. :thumb:


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