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I'm looking to upgrade the breakers in the sub panel for my dedicated circuits. I would prefer a Din rail type breaker as I've found them to make better connections. I found breakers made by Schneider Electric that look ok. Anyone have any other recommendations?

Hey Mike Siemens would be my reco. Non magnetic ones to start.


I Googled non magnetic breakers and can't find anything on them. I settled on Sq D Qou breakers on reco of 2 techs at electrical supply houses. I thought about getting a fuse holder that goes in an A/C panel and using an audiophile fuse, I see how it goes after I install the SQ D breakers.

I replace existing breakers ( Homeline )in my dedicated sub panel with Din rail ones made by Schneider Electric. They've only been in for 5 days so they probably need more burn in, I also replace the wire going from my inverter to my dedicated sub panel. The  changes I've noticed so far is my bass has more punch and before if I played a blank track (one used to test floor noise in car audio) and turned the vol all the way up and laid my ear on my tweeter there was a slight bit of hash before, now it's dead quiet.


--- Quote from: mikeeastman on January 22, 2018, 07:09:06 AM ---Din rail ones made by Schneider Electric.

--- End quote ---

What model breaker? Schneider has several DIN models


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