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So where does that leave my opinion of MQA. Well I donít think I did enough listen, nor was I able to isolate enough variables to form a conclusive opinion of the overall sound of MQA, but I have heard enough to convince me that this technology  may have some potential,maybe not as the ultimate sound quality standard, but at least as a vehicle that could bring better sound to more people. However, what I am convinced about even more after this experiment is that the mastering of an album has far more impact on the sound we eventually hear than does the storage and transport technology used to get it to us. It is the old garbage in garbage out theory. A high res format can do nothing to help an album that is not mastered, or remastered well. And as we have seen in the past with a lot of albums that are being sold in high res formats, just because the file contains more bits, it does not always follow that it will sound better.

And this is by now means meant to be a final answer on this subject as the technology and the hardware supporting it is still relatively new and still evolving. But t rather I put this out there as a first stab at the topic and hope that others will jump in with their experiences.

That's so cool Tom!

Tom the Eastern Electric DAC has MQA decoding ?


Is TIDAL doing the MQA decoding now?  Thought I read they had it working.

One thing from going to the MQA talks by Bob Stuart is the DAC reconstruction filter as part of the chain should be a minimum phase apodising style, or at least minimum phase.

I checked the ESS9018 DAC datasheet and there are two filter modes.  One is Sharp Rolloff and the other is Slow Rolloff.   There is no definition of the type of filter like Linear Phase or Minimum Phase styles.

You might see if the Slow Rolloff is used in the Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC.  Probably more likely to not be a linear phase filter.

Just a thought.


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