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CAF2016 and HAL


All packed and ready to head to setup tomorrow for CAF2016. 

The HAL MS-3 Music Server and dspMusik HiRez DAC setup will be in room 242 in the Hilton with the new GT Audioworks GTA-3R planar/ribbon hybrids using a 2x12 H-Frame with Rythmik Audio and GR-Research open baffle servo subs. 

The show starts Friday at 12PM and goes to Sunday at 4PM.  Hope folks can come out for some system listening.

Day 1 of CAF2016 is complete and room 242 is sounding very good indeed.  Had a very nice turnout of folks listening.

Lots of music to play, so hope folks stop by. 

Just did the packup after Day 3 of CAF2016.  We had a great show and lots of folks stopped by for a listen and gave wonderful feedback on the system sound.

The GTA3-R full range planar/ribbon panels mated with the 2x12" H-Frame servo subs sounded excellent in the room with the HAL MS-3 and dspMusic running as a HiRez DAC.

Thanks to all the folks that stopped by for a listen and comments.  Makes it all worthwhile when people are enjoying the listening experience!

I absolutely loved the the GTAW/HAL/Sound Insight/Paradox room at CAF. Greg finally got the configuration perfect, full range planar panels, and a'la carte subs suited to your room or needs/wants. The other 2 rooms with planar/electrostats mated to boxed woofers had the typical problems associated with that mix, a noticeable discontinuity at the woofer/panel crossover, and the bass has a different quality sounding thicker/boomier/boxier. My own GTA 2.5s do a nearly seamless blend as the planar runs down to 100 hz and the 2 10" drivers in a sealed enclosure only contribute form 100 hz down driven from a Hypex plate amp. However, the SI-200 Open Baffle subs from Sound Insight are a sensational and seamless match with the GTA 3R panels, adding a natural, no box bass that lets drum kits sound live in the room and organ pedal noted roll out crushing your chest. My friend visiting from Colorado mentioned to me the SI-300 type subs he uses were the only subs out of a dozen auditioned the matched up with his SoundLabs A-1 electrostats and added only positive attributes and no drawbacks. Rich Hollis' server and DAC were flawless in operation and sound, offering some of the best values in audio, and the best customer service. Rich has a similar OB pair of subs, but with 6 12" drivers, per side, total of an even dozen! I can't imagine what those provide because the SI-200s dug very deep, were great on drum kits, tight and natural on a plucked bass, and explosively loud and dynamic on bombastic material, orchestral crescendo w/bass drum, Flight of the Cosmic Hippo, and electronica like Yello. Anyone interested in a used pair of GTA 2.5s?

Thanks for the nice write-up of the system at CAF2016!  It is always a good sign when folks come back multiple times to the room as you did. 

Wanted to also mention that the digital front end had TWL HAL AC power cords and PI Audio Group UberBUSS and DigiBUSS for clean AC power.

The digital front end for the system ran continuously for 3 days and sounded great to me driving everything. 


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