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Trane Live at Village Vanguard



I have a lot of Coltrane records on vinyl and CD. But I never owned the Vanguard recordings. I've heard them on radio a few times, but not studied them intently. I think it is time so I will get them for my 51st berfday coming up

I know there are some big time Coltrane lovers on this forum. Please give me some advice on what version I should get. "Complete," or "Master Takes," or "Again!" or what?

Is there a better sounding CD master or vinyl?

I tend to prefer the tonal balance of the original vinyl pressings from the days of vinyl rather than the new remastered versions on CD or vinyl, but occasionally the new versions are better, so I'm open to suggestions.


Hmmmmm, I have no input, but will be interested in the results. :thumb:

Used vinyl goes for about $10, so I'll try to snag one of those. Start out the easy way.

Well, I bid on a 80s vinyl pressing, $10 on ebay. I bid 4 days early, nobody touched it with 2 hours left to go. Of course they pile in at the last second, sold for $20.

I'll start listening to it on my son's Spotify account until I can find an LP at a decent price.

The COmplete Village Vanguard set is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Sad, but that music money ship has sailed.

My daughter tonight told me about this songwriter she really likes, has a new album out.  I said "great put it on your birthday list and I'll buy you his CD."
"No I don't need the CD I just listen on Spotify for free." 
"No I'll buy you the damn CD, then maybe he'll keep writing songs you like for a few more years."
She got it. Capitalism is tough at first.


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