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An Uninterrupted Power Supply for your Audio system?

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Hey everyone,

Yesterday I'm listening to some tunes in my system and the power goes out on my block due to a blown fuse 4 streets over. When the power goes I hear a very loud thump from my speakers because of the sudden power cut off. I think  it is due to the design and DIY nature of the amp. Anyway this got me to thinking that I may just get a UPS for my system so should a black out occur again and I'm listening to tunes I will be able to turn off my system rather than risking damage. Yesterday I had 2 abrupt power outages.

What is your take on the situation? I'm keeping the amp but to have it modified further would probably cost as much as a UPS. Has anyone added a UPS to their system and if so what models did you choose? Was there any sound degradation with you adding the UPS to your system? Since my entire system only consumes 300 watts even with the music blaring ( Thank You Class D type amps |:D|) I think I can just get a smaller UPS.


UPS are something that I have a love/hate relationship with for audio.  We live in an area where there are very few power outages or brownouts here in the great southwest.

First, do no harm.  Make sure that it is a true bypass UPS that is out of circuit except for the sensor.  Beyond that I got nuthin'.  Hopefully others will chime in to relate their experiences.

I use an APC upstairs but I do not have my receiver into it. I can try though. The thing is really heavy and the fan on the back is noisy. Not bad though, but everytime I turn something on the thing groans and the fan starts.. Works great when you need it. On my last outage everything plugged in remained on with about 30 minutes of time.

   What is wrong with unplugging ones system ? It only takes one hour to come back. The only component I leave on is the CDP.
    Actually leaving it on 24/7 will add magnetism to your stuff. That is why a demag disc or device is affective.
    Go to the Uber or other and pull the PC at IEC end. DONE no need to get anything. BRILLIANT unplug who would have thought.


I had an APC S15. It sometimes didn't seem to switch over immediately and my Mac Mini & HD would briefly shut off. IIRC, they would usually then come right back on.  :-s

I kept it mostly for the surge protection until I switched to a PI Audio Buss Stop (I also have a whole house surge protector).

I did try plugging my DAC and amp into the APC and both were negatively affected sound wise.


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