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I haven't bought this yet, but probably will at some point. Especially since she has decided not to stream it. Good for her!

Anybody have it yet?

Not yet, but I plan to but it.  They enjoy listening to her and for a change my better half like the hello song when she heard it.

Triode Pete:
I have both "19" & "21" on vinyl.... Night & Day difference compared to the CD version...

"25" will be an upcoming purchase!


Hmm after the endorsement here I may get 25. I have 19 on vinyl and I didn't like the music. I liked the 21 album better. Adele's current song on the radio gets stuck in my head so I was a little reluctant to buy the 25 LP.

Bought it the other day from Target w/ 3 bonus tracks for Mrs.P


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